The Original Pet Net

USD $24.99 per Weight

THE ORIGINAL PET NET with 2 sizes available

IMPORTANT:  Assess vehicle for attachment points, particularly upper ones, before choosing the The Original Pet Net, especially if installation in a rear cargo area is intended.

Installation requires attaching hook bungees at the four corners of the net to fixtures in the vehicle such as seatbelt housings and/or handles. Two loop bungees are included for anchoring on the headrests if desirable.  Choose from different grommet points on the perimeter of the net to create a secure fit.  Wrapping the bungees around fixtures in the vehicle more than once may be necessary to create the snuggest fit.  Once you determine the best configuration for your vehicle, installation the next time you use The Pet Net will be very quick and easy!  Remove The Pet Net in seconds when not needed, and it stores compactly and conveniently in the bag included.

If The Original Pet Net is too wide, the overall width of the unit may be reduced by approximately 9" by folding either side of the net so that two grommets overlap and securing The Pet Net through both grommets.
Two sizes available:
Standard - 47"W x 24"T
Large      - 47"W x 34"T, intended for larger SUVs & trucks

Above, "per weight", refers to the shipping charge corresponding with the total weight of the order.

Standard: 47"W x 24"T Large: 47"W x 34"T

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