The Pet Net Plus

USD $35.99 per Weight

We heard from customers the main drawback of the original Pet Net design is the need for attachment points in the right places. This is particularly true for installation in a rear cargo area.  Also, in some vehicles the attachment points are too low and a "motivated" dog may try to jump over the barrier.  We listened! The Pet Net Plus was designed specifically to address these two issues.  With its self-supporting framework, The Pet Net Plus needs only headrests for installation and when installed it will reach nearly to the ceiling.  With 5 sizes available, choose the size that best fits the width of your vehicle.

The Pet Net Plus is recommended for small cars, for customers needing the barrier to reach nearly to the ceiling or who intend to install the barrier in a rear cargo area, and for vehicles lacking adequate upper attachment points that might otherwise be able to use The Original Pet Net.

Measure the width of outer edge to outer edge of headrests (either front seat headrests or headrests in 2nd or 3rd row if installing in a rear cargo area)
Small- if headrest measurement (outer edge to outer edge) is less than 36".  (Actual size: 33"W x 30"T)
Medium- if headrest measurement is between 36" and 39".  (Actual size: 36"W x 34"T)
Large- if headrest measurement is between 39" and 44".  (Actual size: 39"W x 34"T)
XL- if headrest measurement is between 44" and 47".  (Actual size: 44"W x 34"T)
2XL- if headrest measurement is 47" or greater.  (Actual size: 47"W x 36"T)

*If headrest measurement is between 2 sizes, ordering the larger size is recommended. For example, for a 39" measurement one could order either a Medium or a Large; we recommend the Large.

SPECIAL SIZING NOTE:  A new size, the "Medium-Short", will soon be offered.  This size is specifically intended for installation in the cargo area of a Subaru Outback and may also fit other vehicles with a similar low profile.  Dimensions of the "Medium-Short" will be 36"W x 26"T.  If installation in a rear cargo area is intended, please make sure the height measurement for the size you intend to order is not too tall for your cargo area.  With this in mind, a "Short" version of any of the other 4 standard sizes can be custom ordered.

Included: The Pet Net, 4 collapsible poles, 4 corner "L" pieces, 2 loop bungees, 2 double-hook bungees, storage bag.

Below, "per Weight", refers to the shipping charge corresponding with the total weight of the order.

Choose the correct size based on the outer edge to outer edge headrest measurement.

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