About Us

The Pet Net was inspired by Bailey, our Australian Shepherd pictured on the homepage.  One day while riding in our suburban Bailey tried climbing in the front seat, as dogs often do, nearly causing me to run off the road.  I realized that this behavior had been a problem with every dog I had ever traveled with, and I decided there must be an easier way to make traveling with pets safe while keeping the pets themselves comfortable.

As a consumer myself of pet restraint and pet barrier products, I knew that my dogs were not comfortable in the "harnesses" or "seat belts".  I didn't want to use the bulky metal bars that rattle and require hardware to be attached to the vehicle itself.  Every product I had ever considered using was not practical, not convenient or not affordable, or all of the above! 
The Pet Net is a solution to all these problems.  It is both easy to use and affordable, so even if you only travel with your pet occasionally, you can travel in much greater safety without breaking your budget.

That being said, The Original Pet Net did not work well in vehicles that lacked adequate upper attachment points. With great care we redesigned The Original Pet Net and we are proud to offer (soon) The Pet Net Plus. It was important in redesigning The Pet Net that we maintained the hallmarks of The Pet Net Safety Barrier Brand, convenience & affordability. The Pet Net Plus addresses the needs of customers whose vehicles lack adequate upper attachment points, those who intend a rear cargo area installation, or those who want the barrier to reach nearly to the ceiling.

We do not claim The Pet Net is "one size fits all", although with the introduction of The Pet Net Plus we hope The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier as a whole comes close to meeting the needs of all fellow dog owners. Success with The Pet Net depends, at least in part, on the temperament of the dog, which would be true for any barrier or restraint product.  Some dogs that I affectionately refer to as motivated will see any barrier as a challenge instead of the deterrent it is intended to be, and this is important to keep in mind if you are shopping for a pet travel safety product.

The Pet Net has many fans and The Pet Net, LLC strives to provide excellent customer service. As a small, single-family business, The Pet Net relies exclusively on word of mouth advertising.  If it is true that imitation is a form of flattery, then we must be on to something because there are already copycats. We hope as a satisfied customer you will share your experience with friends and family which hopefully will keep The Pet Net, LLC competitive with the big business imitators.

Last but not least, a couple items to note about our company, The Pet Net, LLC. We do NOT store your information - not physical addresses, not email addresses, and not credit card information.  We do not have lists of any kind.  Creating an account with The Pet Net, LLC is just a formality associated with the style of this shopping cart site. This site is secure, but if you are more comfortable ordering by phone, by email, or using PayPal, any of those options are fine.

Kind regards,

Susan L.
Creator of The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier

Official Spokesdog, Bailey)