Sizing & Installation

Before ordering, assess the attachment points available in your vehicle to determine whether The Original Pet Net or The Pet Net Plus is right for your vehicle.  Many vehicles have a handle or seatbelt housing in the "right" place, around or between the front and backseat windows.  If your vehicle does not have upper attachment points in the right place, if you intend a rear cargo area installation, if you want the barrier to reach nearly to the ceiling, or if you have a particularly small car, then The Pet Net Plus is the preferred choice.


The Original Pet Net: If you want to order The Original Pet Net but aren't sure which size to order, the easiest way to be sure is to take the following measurement.  Measure from the upper attachment point you've identified downward and estimate the vertical length of coverage needed. If that measurement is close to 24 inches, you will probably be satisfied with the Standard size.  If that measurement is closer to 34 inches, the Large size will be a better fit for your vehicle. Some pet owners want The Pet Net to reach close to the floor - keep in mind it really depends on your dog's temperament, the likelihood they will try to sneak underneath and/or jump over, the height of your center console piece, and how all these variables fit together.

Included: The Original Pet Net, 2 loop bungees, 4 double-hook bungees (12"), exterior bag for convenient storage.

New Model - The Pet Net Plus: The design and sizing of The Pet Net PLUS was developed so that the barrier will fit precisely based on one specific measurement.
The key measurement is the distance from the outer edge of one headrest to the outer edge of the adjacent headrest (either front seat headrests or headrests in the 2nd or 3rd row if installing in a rear cargo area).  Note: The measurement for the front seats vs. the rear seats bordering a cargo area is typically NOT the same, therefore one size could potentially work in both locations, but one size may not necessarily be the best fit for both locations.

Small- if headrest measurement (outer edge to outer edge) is less than 36".  (Actual size: 33"W x 30"T)
Medium- if headrest measurement is between 36" and 39".  (Actual size: 36"W x 34"T)
Medium-Short- if the measurement is between 36"-39" AND a cargo area installation is intended, consider the Medium-Short (Actual size: 36"W x 26"T = 8" shorter than the Medium)
- if headrest measurement is between 39" and 44".  (Actual size: 39"W x 34"T)
XL- if headrest measurement is between 44" and 47".  (Actual size: 44"W x 34"T)
2XL- if headrest measurement is 47" or greater.
(Actual size: 47"W x 36"T)

* If the measurement is exactly 36", 39", 44", or 47", the measurement falls between two sizes, and for these vehicles ordering the larger size is recommended.

SPECIAL SIZING NOTE:  The Medium-Short is now available; quantities are limited.  This size is specifically intended for installation in the cargo area of a Subaru Outback and other vehicles with a similar low profile.   

Generally speaking, if installation in a rear cargo area is intended, please make sure the height measurement for the size you intend to order is not too tall for your cargo area.  With this in mind, a "Short" version of any of the other 4 standard sizes can be custom ordered. 

Included: The Pet Net Plus, 4 collapsible poles, 4 corner "L" brackets, 2 loop bungees, 2 double-hook bungees, exterior bag for convenient storage.


The Original Pet Net: The top of The Pet Net is attached with one bungee at each corner looping around the upper attachment point, typically a handle or seatbelt fixture. With whatever attachment point you have available, you can double or triple wrap the bungee around the attachment point as needed, or you can start the bungee at the corner grommet but return the other end to an adjacent grommet to create a snugger fit.

On the bottom, generally you begin with a bungee hooked to the lower corner grommet and secure the other end underneath or around the seatbelt housing on the floor between the front and rear doors.  If there is a lot of "play" in the bungee, you can wrap the bungee around the entire housing and return to whichever grommet will create a good fit.  If the seatbelt housing on the floor is not an adequate attachment point, there are often bars underneath the seat to attach to and/or the lower portion of many vehicle seats are covered in molded plastic under which a hook can be slipped.

The Pet Net Plus: Once assembled, The Pet Net Plus is anchored on the vehicle headrests using two loop bungees.  Two double-hook bungees are included for securing the bottom in the same manner as The Original Pet Net.  Detailed assembly and installation instructions are included.